Marine environmental data

Real-time/near real-time and historical ocean monitoring data.

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To cite Marine environmental data section:
DFO (current year). Marine Environmental Data Section Archive,, Ecosystem and Oceans Science, Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Data obtained on YYYY/MM/DD (today's date).

Data request program

About the Marine Environmental Data Program and how we provide data.

Argo Canada

Statistics, locations and paths for Argo floats, ocean climate data collected by Argo floats, contact details.

Atlantic Zone Monitoring Program

Hydrographic and meteorological data, climate indices and publications.

BioChem database

Access biological and chemical marine data.

Drifting buoys

Data from the Global Telecommunications System (GTS) and Kiel Deep Drifters.

Global Temperature-Salinity Profile Programme

International shared data on position, temperature and salinity relative to depth.

Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization

Fisheries management organization reports and data inventories.

Ocean Biogeographic Information System

About the system, collaboration and growth, open accessibility and organizational structure.

Ocean profiles

Data measured along the water column, including position, temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen and nutrients.

Tides and water levels

Recent and historic data, including water level and benchmark information.


Wave data from buoys and models, and unofficial Meteorological Service of Canada observations.

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